Contact us for your recycle challenge: +31(0)40 222 14 86

Contact us for your recycle challenge: +31(0)40 222 14 86

About 2Recycle

2Recycle is a certified Dutch-based recycling company with its head office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 2Recycle is internationally specialised in deinstallation, collecting, sorting, and processing of E-waste, telecom and infrastructure equipment, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These materials will be processed into raw materials.

Our main goal is to build a circular world

2Recycle’s goal is to increase the maximum value of all waste streams and minimise the environmental pollution in a circular and sustainable way. The organisation believes in separating waste flows at source. This minimises landfill waste and increases the recycling percentage. In doing so, 2Recycle can guarantee high standards in terms of quality, safety, health and environment. All waste streams collected by 2Recycle are processed in a 100% responsible and sustainable way.

Noord Brabantlaan 303
5657 GB Eindhoven - The Netherlands


We oversee the whole recycling process in order to ensure it is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


2Recycle discusses opportunities with the client. What can be recycled and how can we support in this?


Allied, specialised engineering partners dismantle the recyclable materials.


A (third-party) logistics company collects the dismantled recyclable materials.


At the yards, recyclable materials will be sorted, collected and secured until ready for shipment.


The materials will be dismantled and processed by certified allied partners/smelters all over the world.

Raw materials

After processing into raw materials, they are ready to use in various industries.

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