Contact us for your recycle challenge: +31(0)40 222 14 86

Contact us for your recycle challenge: +31(0)40 222 14 86

Our activities

Telecom and infrastructure networks

In the last years, the focus of 2Recycle has been more on the deinstallation, collecting, sorting, and processing of telecom equipment and infrastructure networks. Given the rapid evolution of the technology, the demand in providing services to recycle obsolete equipment is increasing.
2Recycle has started anticipating on this demand actively for 4 years. In the meantime, since expanding these activities, we have been working in several countries within and outside of the EU, directly and indirectly with telecom providers and infrastructure companies.

2Recycle can offer tailor-made waste solution plans to telecom and infrastructure companies, which positively contribute to their green footprint. On top of that, the waste streams and tonnages can be reported and used in the sustainability section of the annual reports by the clients.

2Recycle assists telecom and infrastructure companies in their sustainability efforts and provides insights which can be signaled externally. Given the increased attention for Environmental, Social and Governmental factors (ESG), the services offered will be highly sought after and contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be recycled infinitely

2Recycle specialises in the collecting, sorting, processing and trading of ferrous- and non-ferrous metals, the sorting of which can take place on its yard in the Netherlands or can be processed together with its worlwide alllied partners.

Ferrous- and non-ferrous metals are shredded by allied partners and mechanically or manually sorted into different metals, such as iron, copper, aluminum, zinc and precious metals. The separated metals are then shipped to reputable certified partners all over the world in order to be processed into raw materials to be used in a wide range of production processes.

Savings from recycling 1 ton of non-ferrous scrap metal in comparison to mining ore amount to: 74% energy 40% water and 86% air pollution.

E-waste is a burden to the environment, if not processed appropriately…

The European Union has issued the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive stating that any waste with a plug or battery has to be collected, disposed, registered and recycled in an eco-friendly way.

Per capita, 2.5 kg E-waste annually disappears in the household waste. Many of these devices contain substances which could be harmful to humans and the environment. However, these devices also contain valuable materials, which can be recycled and used again in the production of new devices.

2Recycle is internationally active in the deinstallation, collecting, sorting, and processing, both mechanically and manually, of E-waste. For all fractions coming out of electronics, we have possibilities to recycle it into raw materials, which can be used for various industries.

Waste management Solutions

2Recycle offers clients tailor-made waste management solutions in which the entire process from collection to processing, including reporting, is managed by them.

2Recycle has long time experience in recycling materials coming from the dismantling of projects within EU and non-EU countries. Besides recycling telecom and infrastructure equipment, E-waste and ferrous and non-ferrous metals, 2Recycle can offer total waste management solutions for various industries, from retailers, the Horeca sector, up to complete power plants.

These concepts can be applied to any kind of infrastructure with recyclable materials. In consultation with its clients, 2Recycle develops a custom-made waste solution plan in accordance with a certified process and the applicable laws and regulations.

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