Contact us for your recycle challenge: +31(0)40 222 14 86

Contact us for your recycle challenge: +31(0)40 222 14 86

Allied Partners

The business model of 2Recycle is to work closely with its allied partners.

Allied logistic partners

2Recycle has an extensive network and a close cooperation with logistic partners worldwide, in order to collect materials for 2Recycle.


2Recycle is a Dutch-based company with its headquarters in Eindhoven. A part of the team of 2Recycle is based in France, which creates flexibility in the company for its operations.

Noord Brabantlaan 303, 5657 GB Eindhoven – The Netherlands

Allied processing partners

2Recycle has built up a global network in the last 20 years of certified and reputable partners. Because 2Recycle is working in different countries at the same time, it is importantto have this trustworthy network.

These certified allied partners are specialised in processing E-waste, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap into raw materials, according to the applicable laws and regulations.


For projects in Europe, 2Recycle has the possibility to execute its activities on a yard and warehouses based in the South of The Netherlands.

With its good network of allied logistic partners, 2Recycle can work with the facilities provided by its logistic partners, such as yards and warehouses.

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