Contact us for your recycle challenge: +31(0)40 222 14 86

Contact us for your recycle challenge: +31(0)40 222 14 86

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

ESG is a tool that helps apply environmental, social and governance aspects into 2Recycle’s daily operations, with the aim of enhancing its ESG performance.

The Environmental criteria examines how 2Recycle performs as a steward of nature, focusing on waste, pollution, gas emissions, CO² reduction.

The Social criteria examines how 2Recycle manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers as well as working conditions, and health & safety.

The Governance criteria examines how 2Recycle policies itself, how we are governed and focuses on leadership, internal controls, and audits.


Waste and pollution
Gas emissions
CO2 reduction


Company structure
Interal controls

2Recycle is also in compliance with the necessary certificates to execute its activities.
kiwa iso14001 kiwa iso9001 niwo ovam

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